Don’t worry about fake news when this shite is the ‘real’ alternative

Don’t worry about fake news when this shite is the ‘real’ alternative

14th December 2017 0 By Tuckered

In a world where high court judges trying to uphold the law are branded ‘enemies of the people’, and MP’s who vote to represent their constituents have their faces spunked all over the front pages of the right wing shit rags, like a fucking rogues gallery of Britain’s most wanted, then what harm is the odd story about Donald Trump being a piss connoisseur?

If Brexit means Brexit, and Brexit means taking back control, and taking back control means a far right totalitarian media backed government, which Jack boots dissenters in the face, then Brexiters should be fucking proud of those 11 rebels, even if they aren’t allowed to be themselves.

Can anyone honestly say this is what leaving the EU meant to them? I didn’t see ‘Brexit means power crazed dictatorship seizes control’, on the side of a fucking bus, did you?

When did democracy become such a dirty word in this tiny floating cess pit of rising hate we call the UK anyway?

How can multiple voices debating the intricacies of our most important decision in a generation be a bad fucking thing?

No wonder they hate social media, where misguided traitors like me can offer up a differing opinion. No wonder it’s ‘tearing society apart’.

Tearing their grasp on society away more like.

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