£35 billion? – What was the last divorce bill she negotiated, Paul McCartney’s?

£35 billion? – What was the last divorce bill she negotiated, Paul McCartney’s?

8th December 2017 0 By Tuckered

So from my understanding, after a massive pointles argument, we’ve caved in and agreed to everything at a cost of 35 billion quid in the process. So basically it’s like having a row with my missus and making up over a Domino’s then?

Well I’m glad all that’s settled. Finally we can get on with the task of taking back control, so long as we keep doing what we’re told.

It’s embarrassing, these aren’t negotiations, these are panicked mid night booty calls to get fucked by Euro cock for one last chance at the table.

The UK is now the victim in an abusive relationship. We feel like we’re in control because Europe let us wear that strappy dress tonight, but when we get too much attention at last orders and he slaps us, we’ll blame ourselves.

Brexiters must be fuming though eh? They wanted to round up all those Polish people, who stole the jobs they never intended doing, and ship them back to where they came from.

But those pesky Poles and other “Foriners” ended up with more rights than us Brits and have retained their access to European courts.

Remind me again how this is good for me? I’m racking my brains trying to remember why anyone thought this was a good idea in the first place, but all I’m seeing are cunts in front of busses.

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