If that fat bastard lets my kids down again this Christmas I’m going to the North Pole to sort him out

If that fat bastard lets my kids down again this Christmas I’m going to the North Pole to sort him out

1st December 2017 0 By Tuckered

All joking aside, hundreds of thousands of kids in our not so green and not so pleasant land live in abject poverty.

Years of austerity has taken its toll with many parents resorting to foodbanks just to feed their kids. We sadly live in an age where heating often trumps eating.

This isn’t political point scoring by the way, it’s harsh fact.

Well this year my fellow satirists decided to act on the initiative of The Rochdale Herald. Instead of just trying to make people laugh, Southend News Network, NewsThump, Angry People In Local News Papers and I, teamed up with them to make something amazing happen; To make a child smile.

The appeal hasn’t even been running for 24 hours yet and already hundreds of presents have been purchased!

The below is an explanation straight from The Rochdale Herald which outlines how you can be part of it, in some instances for less than a tenner. Come on. Let’s make a difference this Christmas;

“We’ve partnered with three charities, in Reading, Rochdale and Southend, who specialise in distributing toys and gifts to the children who really need them (Reading Family Aid’s Toys and Teens Appeal 2017, Rochdale Giving Back Christmas Toy Appeal and Southend on Sea Borough Council Toy Drive).

They have kindly given us some guidance on the sort of toys that prove popular, and those that are most in demand – you will no doubt be surprised to see a distinct lack of Xboxes, but lots of colouring in books, felt-tips and books to read. These children are not fortunate enough to have had the chance to develop expensive tastes.

We have also set up two Amazon wish-lists for these items, where ANY item purchased will be sent directly to the charity for distribution to a child that will be incredibly grateful to receive it.

You can find these lists here: http://bit.ly/satiresecretsanta

So – what can you do to help? Firstly, please go and visit the link above and see if there is a gift you would like to donate to a child in need this Christmas, and pay for it through Amazon like you would anything else you would buy. That gift will then go directly to the charity within 24 hours. Secondly, please share this post as widely as possible so it can do as much good as possible.

Due to the logistics involved in getting these presents to the families concerned, the cut off date for donations for the reading appeal is the 12th December, so we would hugely appreciate it if you could share this post far and wide today.

Treat this like you would the office secret Santa, except we’ve made it really easy for you to do something amazing instead of giving Dave in accounts a pint glass with his name on it. Let’s see if we can all brighten a few tiny faces on Christmas day.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully for sharing with your friends.”

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