There’s something you’ve never noticed about Chris Eubank before

And it’s staring you right in the face.

It’s not that he can’t say ‘Sister Act’ by the way, although that’s quite pertinent because he shares this feature with Whoopi Goldberg.

That’ right. He has no fucking eye brows and neither does Whoopi. Not one solitary eye complimenting hair.

Was it worth a click? Of course it fucking was because you never noticed did you?

Be honest. I only noticed because I read an article about Whoopi Goldberg having non the other day.

Then Boom!

I was scrolling through Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix when I stumbled upon the above little beauty which hit me harder than a John Prescott egg retaliation.

Chris Eubank has no forehead buffer. He has verandaless eyes. He’s an expressionless wonder, a smooth operator.  He’s a fucking furless Terminator, the fucking legend.

How did we not notice? He doesn’t hide it with stick on ones. It’s there, plain as day!

You can go to bed now. Fuckity bye.

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