Unpatriotic Queen REFUSES to lay wreath at Cenopath

She won’t even bow to herself anymore

In a break of tradition, the ageing Monarch will pass down the duty to renowned bush whisperer and Toby jug model, Prince Charles, on Rememberence Sunday.

It’s just an another example of The Queen, who is now in her 91st year, slowly winding down her duties. It follows Prince Philip’s retirement from cutting ribbons and making racist remarks a few months ago.

The move has attracted a wide array of criticism from accross the political spectrum, with Conservative MP George Costington-Smythe stating;

“It’s most unpatriotic, one gets the impression that she’s taken leave of her senses and has come down with a touch of Corbynitous. Next she’ll be refusing to even bow for herself. It’s an affront to our brave men and women.”

In ageist comments, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has applauded her decision saying something about her being old, before burning a poppy and shitting on a memorial probably. With him being staunchly anti British and that.

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