Shopping for Knob Heads aka Eat Well for Less

Shopping for Knob Heads aka Eat Well for Less

11th October 2017 0 By Tuckered

A fucking one hour show devoted to telling stupid people how not the waste money.

There’s more than one series too! How many fucking idiots are there for that shit Harry Hill to patronise?

If you haven’t see it, Greg Wallace descends on people’s houses looking like a pimp farmer, then spends an hour telling them to shop at fucking Aldi .

It goes a bit like this;

Greg: “I see you like to spend £82.40 a week on Persil. I bet we can bring that price down a fair whack for you, up the apples an pears, blah blah blah.”

Family of cunts: “Fuck off! I can well tell if my clothes ain’t clean enough with Persil innit. I’ll know if you’re shitting me you fucking bald jumped up Tomato salesman.”

Then there’s a fucking 45 minute montage of people shopping and hosts tutting. It’s like a really shit episode of supermarket sweep with contempt instead of prizes, interspersed with some fucking cooking for three year olds classes to stop the stupid bastards spunking £50 a night on takeaways.

At the end of the show the family are amazed to learn that they’ve been cleaning their fucking clothes in Almat washing powder from Aldi, which is a tenner a gram cheaper than Persil, which is about the same price as a gram of Westminster coke.

They also learn that eggs is eggs, milk is milk and cabbage is fucking cabbage, with all the worldly awe of a toddler who’s just discovered a fucking electrical socket. The stupid fucking cunts.


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