Thank fuck that shooter didn’t kneel for the National Anthem

Thank fuck that shooter didn’t kneel for the National Anthem

3rd October 2017 0 By Tuckered

Can you imagine the Twitter storm caused by Tornado Trump if that gun toting cunt had disrespected a piece of material as well as commiting the worse atrocity on US soil in recent history?

Sure, murdering 50 people and injuring countless others is bad enough, but by fuck don’t try and peacefully protest. That’s lower than an NRA members IQ.

It puts things into perspective a little doesn’t it you orange pug mouthed cunt? You can rant for hours and hours about sports personalities kneeling, especially if they’re black ones.

But how long will you condemn this terrorist, sorry, lone unhinged wolf for before proclaiming that some of these murderers are good people who are just a little misunderstood ?

What action will take you take on this back of this? How many more people will be slain on your streets before you realise that everyone carrying a weapon is fucking shit idea?

Oh hang on, look at that Muslim over there. He didn’t salute the flag. He’s not a real patriot. Ban all Muslims! Forget about the lone nutter and the thousands of others just like him. The real threat is over there. Quick! Look over there.

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