Mocking disabled people is wrong so let’s all watch The Undatables

Mocking disabled people is wrong so let’s all watch The Undatables

2nd October 2017 0 By Tuckered

Some would argue that this modern day televised Bedlam is about hope and people finding happiness. I say bullshit.

Badge it up however you like but it’s just an excuse to laugh at poetry man, who inexplicably appears in every fucking series like Miranda Hart in Miranda. Or to gaffaw at some poor Tourettes suffer who repeatedly calls a potential mate ‘cunt’ like me ironically with my ex.

Be honest. You don’t want to see wedding bells. You want to see two people struggling to converse in a ‘normal’ every day manner.

Talking awkwardly instead about their fucking spoon collection, whilst being narrated over by a patronising cunt in the tone of a first year primary school teacher, attempting to set the set the scene by failing to explain advanced physics to her scared new 4 year old pupils.

Don’t watch it. I stopped when I realised it’s not entertainment, just fucking lazy exploitative shit.

We already have enough poor porn on TV to keep Iain Duncan Smith wanking for a life time. Let’s not add this crap to the mix.


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