Andy Serkis to play CGI Boris Johnson in the upcoming Brexit movie

Andy Serkis to play CGI Boris Johnson in the upcoming Brexit movie

The renowned ape impersonator and former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, will quite obviously have a starring role in the upcoming movie.

The film’s Director, Martin Durkin, said; “Initially I thought this would be a straight up casting job, but after studying the main players closely, it’s apparent that both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will need to be CGI.”

Serkis, who’s taking on the role of Johnson, is famous for his animated portrayals of other famous apes like King Kong and Ceaser from the The Planet of Apes franchise, as well as Gollum from from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

He said; “I’m so excited about this opportunity. Although I do think this role will still be a challenge despite my experience. I’ve played practically all of the great apes, but Boris is the greatest.”

Further casting details haven’t fully been released yet, but Sir David Jason is thought to be playing Nigel Farage after his excellent performance as Toad of Toad Hall in Wind in the Willows.


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