Cameron’s Legacy

David Cameron’s legacy reaches far beyond breaking the UK by letting an ill informed plebiscite (both sides) tear us away from the EU in a campaign that at times was reminiscent of a Nuremberg rally. His policies have made the lives of hundreds of thousands of the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society an absolute misery.

Policies like allowing glorified temp workers with zero medical knowledge to deem disabled people fit for work over ruling the opinions of actual doctors. Policies like punishing families on the bread line by with holding their entitlement for weeks on end for petty things like being five minutes late to a job centre appointment. Policies that have resulted in people dying in work or committing suicide all overseen by the loathsome Ian Duncan Smith, or IDS for short.

Under Cameron’s regime homelessness doubled and food banks, now common place, are kept going by the kindness of the good old British public stepping up when our government won’t. Why do they even exist in the 5th richest economy in the world?

Cameron and the Tories have got record numbers of people in work though which is at least one good thing. Until you tally up the figures with zero hour contracts or forced labour through illegal policy that is. They’ve also slowly eroded your rights to the point where you think that them reading your sexts seems perfectly acceptable and even reasonable, after all “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.

As well as making the richest richer and poorest poorer they’ve sold large chunks of the NHS and continue to do so. They sold the post office after it finally started making a profit and they’ve priced our bright young things out of an education. They’ve also betrayed the very people that care for us when we’re ill.

Throughout his reign he and his Murdoch mouthpiece have managed to split the country, possibly to a point beyond repair. They’ve pitted; English against Scots,
Workers against the unemployed,
The middle class against the working class,
The old against the young, Brits against Europeans, and remainers against leavers.

And they’ve done it all with your buy in. They’ve done it all to protect you for the greater good, to repair the economy and they did it all in vain. The national debt has increased and they’ve borrowed more than all previous Labour governments combined. The really sad thing though is that they’ve got you believing that wanting a fairer society is now a toxic lunatic ideology.

Greed caused these ills, the corrupt banking system, the super rich and the elite caused all of this. They caused the global financial crisis but they’ve got people blaming immigrants. Cameron’s greatest achievement though was Brexit. He got people to vote for an unelected PM, more cuts, more tax, another Tory government and a non existent opposition to scrutinise them when we no longer have the safety net of Europe. But better yet he actually made them think they’d rebelled and broke the system.

He has achieved more in 6 short years than Thatcher could’ve dreamed of, and if Joseph Goebbels was a 10th as successful as David Cameron we’d be 70 years into the 1000 year Reich.

Good riddance.

Malcolm Tucker: