Get twatted everyday because you’ll be working ’til you drop

“68 though! That’s double the life expectancy of your average fucking Scot.”

Like a 6th former telling a maths teacher to fuck off on the last day of term, the government has just pissed 6 million people off by telling them they’ll be working until they’re 68, if they’re not shitting into a bag by then. Saying that they’ll probably get dumped in a field an employed as fucking mobile fertilisers.

I like how they did that by the way, just before going off on their summer holidays. Nonchalantly dropping the bomb like a clueless Trump, then retreating to the fucking Winchester and waiting for this whole thing to blow over. Not that I care, I’ll be fucking well dead before I’m 68.

68 though! That’s double the life expectancy of your average fucking Scot. Everything will be done by robots by then anyway. How many fucking Asda Greeters can there be in a country of this size?

So, fuck it. Get wankered, throw caution to wind. You may as well die fucking young and happy, instead of wasting those precious years in which you’re supposed to turn racist and piss yourself grafting like a bastard.



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