Let’s all laugh at the poor people

Let’s all laugh at the poor people

14th July 2017 0 By Tuckered

What Shall I watch tonight, Benefits Street or Benefits Britain, Benefits by the Sea or 56 Kids and Counting, about a slag who’s clunge has been stretched more than a day time TV budget?

Or maybe I should watch Life on the Dole or Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away? Yeah I think I’ll watch that last one, that’s my favourite. Isn’t it nice how that old cunt with the wig patronises people for 10 minutes before ruining their lives and making them homeless in a really comforting way. It’s fucking beautiful isn’t it?

Let’s remember that without day there is no night though. The Jeremy Kyle show has exploited more poor people than fucking Cash Generator.

Listen. If I really wanted to look at a load of scrounging, jobless scum, I’d open my blinds and peer out of my fucking window, or even easier than that, just glance into my wife’s cold dead eyes.

It might be bit cynical of me, just a tad, but if I didn’t know any better I’d say that the TV stations and news papers had an agenda, like holding a spotlight to the tiny percentage of people who are out of work because they want a job as much as the Tories want fucking Treeza as leader, in order to make us all really fucking despise everyone on state ‘benefits’.

It fucking works though doesn’t it? I once caught ten minutes of Benefits Street when the batteries in my remote died. I was fucking seething.

I spent the next four hours driving around council estates,  smashing the windows of anyone cheeky enough to own a fucking plasma TV in 2017.

When you take a step back and really look, you realise it’s a lot like Nazi propaganda. It’s all a bit divide and conquer, despise the opressed and not the opressors. That just wouldn’t happen in the UK though would It? Surely not.

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