Tommy Robinson slams Islam as a violent religion before knocking 7 shades of shit out of someone

The far right pint sized cunt, was seen ‘defending himself’ at Royal Ascot earlier, by knocking someone to the ground and punching him repeatedly six times in the face.

Robinson, aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, aka Andrew McMaster, aka Paul Harris, aka tiny featured, miniature racist and shit Keith Lemon impersonator, is famous for bigotry, mortgage fraud and out twatting Piers Morgan.

The little prick often relishes in telling people that he’s read the Qu’ran, when in reality he’d probably fucking struggle to spell EDL, an organisation which he headed up from 2009 to to 2013.

The English Defense League promises to ‘pretect Ingland from the Muslamics’ by walking around towns pissed up, carrying flags and chanting racism like a smashed grandad after too much whiskey at a family Christmas party.

Like in the film Twins, Tommy ‘ten names’ Robinsom is the shit left overs. He’s Danny Devito to Paul Golding’s fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We only know about this shit Napoleon because the media insists on giving the cunt a platform, like an over zealous, politically minded host at a dwarf convention.

It’s like when Nigel Farage was given 24 hour coverage by the BBC for five years, even though the tweed clad, frog faced, string free Thunderbird puppet didn’t even a hold a fucking seat. Where did that get us eh? Fucking Brexit that’s where.

My advice is to just ignore the microscropic poison filled irrelevance like that worrying lump under your arm pit. After all he’ll probably eventually  dissappear like shell suits or fucking UKIP.


Look who’s headlining Glasto!

Fucking Jezza that’s who! You can say what you like about the guy, but recently he’s come out of his shell faster than a fucking sanctioned hermit crab. I honestly thought the cunt was going to pull some fucking spoons out of his back pocket and start singing Kumbaya at one point.

Jeremy Corbyn is the happiest loser in history. He’s like the fat kid who’s secretly thrilled no one picked him for the football team, because he’s much happier whinging about not being picked than actually working up a sweat on the pitch and dealing with the giant cluster fuck that is Brexit.

He’s like the class geek who’s just shot down the bully with a killer line after years of abuse and has been rewarded with a kiss on the cheek from his favourite crush. He’s oozing more confidence than fucking Boris Johnson on a zip line.

I wouldn’t have minded being there you know. Imagine being in the front row and watching the bottles of piss hurting towards you literally turning into fucking wine mid air. The smell of fish stronger than in Russel Brand’s bed room after a night on the pull. The sons and daughters of Tory voters convinced they actually saw him levitate at one point because all they’re off their tits on trips and ket.

I heard Theresa May was’nt invited and that instead she was headlining a cheese festival in Dover, but was escorted away after it all curdled to chants  of “Fuck off” and “Step Down.”

Brexit: One year on and they’re all still fucking here!

A year ago today the 52% united and mobilised like a fucking walking street party, with their shitty plastic Union Jack bowler hats and England flags straight from a fucking Chinese drop ship.

The rhetoric of division was thrown directly into the eyes of the masses by the scum press, like an angry captive ape flinging its own shite into the faces of its mocking, gawping onlookers.

They had one purpose; ‘to make Britain great again!’, secret code for ‘look at that cunt over there, he’s stealing that job you don’t have.’

We were going to ‘take back control’, pump £350 million into the NHS instead of squandering it on fucking sombreros for those lazy fucking, napping Spaniards, and stop being dictated to by Europe with their stupid ideas of equality and fucking human rights.

But here we are now. The bargaining has started and our negotiating team are crumbling quicker than a Tory majority. Our hard Brexit is softer than a horny 90 year olds cock and Treeza has just told all of our doctors and nurses that they can fucking stay!

This wasn’t what we were promised on Independence day! This isn’t ‘taking are country back!’ This is just shit. Literally nothing has changed apart from we’re poorer and booze cruises will soon be a thing of the past.

Where’s UKIP when you need them? Ah that’s right, those fuckers disappeared quicker than a Tory manifesto the day after an election. Merry Brexit you cunts.


He didn’t bow for the fucking Queen the cunt!

“Look at him the disgusting terrorist shit. With his ill fitting Asda suit and his stupid fucking delusions of fairness. He lost. We won! Get over it! The fucking daft twat probably has dementia or something. We deserve to burn in tower blocks as long as we have a stong and stable economy”.

Said The Daily Express, or The Daily Mail, or one of the other bile filled, hard right idiot rag, aka the mainstream media. Probably.

I wouldn’t know, because on the rare occasions I’ve actually clicked on one of their links to have a proper gander at the latest shite, I’ve physically felt my IQ lowering quicker than Theresa May’s fucking poll ratings.

Fuck the 4 or 5 other people around him who didn’t bow. Fuck the fact that bowing at that point in the proceedings by someone of his standing isn’t actually protocol, let’s just go back to square one and revert to smearing the cunt in shit like we did two years ago.

After all, who gives a fuck? As long as there’s a piece about how the almighty saviour of Britain, Nigel Farage, should be knighted, and a big fuck off picture of the Union Jack, we know that our readers will swallow up any old shite like a pensioner on the fucking phone to a charity.

The comments section of our Facebook page will be filled with the incoherent musings of our brain dead, bullshit fed readers, poorly regurgitating precisely what we’ve literally just fucking told them to think.

Even if Corbyn should have bowed, which he shouldn’t have, would he still be in the wrong? Why is the Queen better than you or I? She was born into immense wealth and status, nothing more, nothing less. She eats, sleeps, farts and shits, and sometimes she’s hungover to fuck and in a right cunt of a mood.

Do you know who I would bow for? Any of our under funded, under paid and under appreciated emergency service employees who’s jobs get more difficult by the second. Our doctors, nurses, teachers. Anyone working with the sum total of fuck all in our rapidly declining country.

I wouldn’t bow to royalty if my neck was broken in face down position.

So there’s not much happening today apparently

Apart from the summer solstice, Royal Ascot, The Queens speech, and something called the fucking Day of Rage. Come On! I’m all for peaceful protest but that sounds like it’s going to be about as calm as Nigel Farage being introduced to his new Polish neighbours.

I know there’s anger right now. Real, heated, palpable anger. The type of anger you only feel after talking to fucking ‘John Smith’ for 3 hours on Sky’s ironically named helpline. The standing on a piece of Lego, white heat, fucking red mist rage that this incompetent, poor hating, shower of cunts of a government induces.

But this protest must remain just that. A protest. If this descends into a fucking grab a TV free for all, then you’ve fucking lost that argument quicker than Paul Nutall changes his fucking home town.

Smashing the fuck out of a local family run accountancy firm and trashing some innocent cunt’s ‘nice car’ isn’t holding the government to account. It’s just pissing your fellow city dwellers off.

That fucking walking scarecrow, Boris, is more excited about using those water cannons than David Cameron at a fucking petting zoo. Don’t give the warbling plum stutterer an excuse.

So. March. Chant. Wave your fucking signs and unite. Grow and swell like Micheal Gove’s head after being re-appointed to cabinet. Go back every fucking day if you have until someone fucker listens but please give the boys in blue, our fire fighters and our ambulance service a fucking rest today. They’ve had enough shit to deal with.

I don’t know who I hate more Tommy Robinson or Good Morning Britain for giving the cunt a mouthpiece

Just imagine if the day after the Manchester attack you buttered your toast, made your morning brew, then tuned in for your daily dose of Britain’s favourite voicemail enthusiast and big toe impersonator, Piers Morgan, to see what he was getting faux outraged about this morning.

Then imagine that sat on the sofa next to him was extreminst hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who’d been Tweeting the night before that girls often go to gigs in unsuitable clothing (in this hypothetical situation). You’d be more fucking outraged than Theresa May having to make eye contact with a member of the public.

People would be up in arms. The complaints line would fucking melt like Diane Abbott in a maths quiz. Fucking pitch fork sales would go through the roof and The Daily Mail would explode in a fit of ‘moral’ outrage like a vegan who’s just found out Haribos are cow based.

So why is it when Muslims are mown down by some alcoholic gobshite, who probably wasted his shit excuse for a life reading the Facebook pages of Britain First and The EDL, do we have an extremist, right wing, fanatical hyper cunt on breakfast television, spreading his bile filled, hate ridden bullshit as if he’s delivering a fucking pottery segment? As if this is the most normal thing in the world?

I don’t care if that pound land Farage, Piers, did grill him. I wouldn’t have cared if he punched the cunt in his divisive, hate inciting smug fucking face.

No extremists should have a platform, Islamist or Far Right, especially in front of millions of viewers. We need to starve the flames of hatred from oxygen and cut out this cancer from our society. If we don’t, how will this madness ever end?

The Daily Mail couldn’t wait to cash in on this one

Another day and another cunt goes out of his way to take the lives of innocents for a warped agenda. Is he mentally unhinged? Well of course he is, he’s white isn’t he?

He’s a fucking terrorist and he’s mentally unwell. They all are. It’s not normal to mow people down, go on a stabbing frenzy or blow yourself up. Regardless of your ‘reasoning’.

I don’t don’t do prayers but my heart goes out to the victims, a statement which sadly has become a cliche of late. It just sounds less sincere the more it’s uttered.

The scum press of course were circling the tragedy like the vultures they are with The Fail Online leading with;

“White van driver injures at least 10 people after ploughing into a crowd outside London’s Finsbury Park Mosque where hate cleric Abu Hamza once preached as Muslims finish their evening prayers”

Which was quickly changed after (I’m assuming) they realised that not referring to the occurrence as the terrorist attack which it so clearly was, and mentioning the unrelated Abu Hamza, may have come across as just a tad racist and hate inciting?

Yes, for a second, their thinly veiled facade as a reputable news source slipped away like cheap tower block cladding, revealing once again the disgusting, divisive, poison pumping shit rag we all know them to be.

Never take one of their ‘articles’ on face value. They’re loaded with agenda pushing buzz words designed to take you off guard. Sometimes it’s not so subtle, but other times it’s a master class in the dark art of propaganda.

Today we shall mourn, pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and unite once again, as we have done for countless weeks now. It seems to me that terrorists want a war and that some publications just love to throw fuel on that notion.

Well fuck them both.

Pamela Anderson says Theresa May is the worst PM in living history   


Well cheers for that priceless insight Pammy. We really needed fucking input from the inspiration behind a now defunct cola bottle design

The likes of Andrew Neil, Robert Peston and a wealth of other political commentators just couldn’t have summed it up as well as you.

Should we judge Theresa on her short lived, yet appalling record or as PM? A woman who’s more out of touch than a fingerless dwarf? Who arrogantly assumed she’d win an election by a slideslide so much so, that she couldn’t be arsed even campaigning? A woman terrified of catching poor from the general public? No. Of course not.

We should reserve opinion until a 30% plastic, ex soft core porn star from the US decides to stick her oar in where it’s more welcome than a Poski Sklep in Nigel Farage’s home town.

I’m sure your time on Bay Watch gave you a phenomenal insight into the social and economic intricacies of a UK democracy, after all, your co-star, ‘The Hoff’, single handedly dismantled the fucking Berlin wall didn’t he?

Look. We can all the call the PM shit because she ours. Like a distant relative we don’t really like though, she’s still family and we’ll defend family to the death. You’re not even a family friend, so fuck off you vacuous cunt.

No we won’t stop politicising this shit

I’m sick of political commentators telling us to stop politicising this tragedy. If this isn’t political then what it? I don’t care if makes those in charge squirm like maggots in rotting meat. Questions needs answering and arrests need to be made. Now.

Phillip Hammond said today that he believes that the cladding used on Grenfell Tower is also banned in the UK as well as Europe and the US. So how the fuck was this allowed to happen? Someone is accountable and heads need to roll.

At the very best this tragedy was a horrific mistake. At the very worse it was a cost cutting exercise that put profit before people. Corporate manslaughter. I’m not saying it was a direct result of a Tory government, a coalition government or even a Labour government. It’s not that black and white but successive governments have definitely contributed to this horrific event.

We do know that Labour tried to pass legislation that made private rentals fit for human habitation and that it was voted down by the Tories, 70 of them, themselves private landlords.

We do know that under a Tory government the poorest in society have not only been ignored but actively villified in the media. Just watch Channel 5 any night of the week and you’ll see what I mean.

We do know that the residents had raised concerns for years over fire safety and were ignored to the point that when this £10 million make over, to make the building look pretty to the rich people accross the road occurred, that sprinklers, at a cost of £300,000 weren’t retro fitted.

We know that fire retardant cladding at a cost of an extra £5,000 was written off for it’s cheaper counter part that appears to have been made out of fucking hey and petrol.

We know that the affected residents were largely ignored for the immediate days after the tragedy, relying on the milk of human kindness from their neighbours, a sight we see over and over again with homelessness rising and foodbank use increasingly. The great british public stepping in when the government can’t be fucked. Waiting in the wings to help after the camera crews left, the smoke died down and there were no officials to be seen.

This is political and we shouldn’t tolerate or ignore it. Whichever way you look at it, people died because of cost cutting in one of the richest countries in the world in 2017. There’s no polishing that turd.

No fire alarms in 2017?

Never have so many poor people been let down by so few rich ones. The horrific events of today have passed me by, chunnering around in the back ground between work and a busy home life. If you want Tucker then sorry, tough shit. This is me and there’s nothing funny here.

I’m watching News Night right now and I’m shaken and angry. In one of the most affluent areas of London, the indigenous inhabitants have been left to rot in dilapidated, 24 storey, 1960’s vertical shanty towns.

The few remaining buildings are surrounded by luxury mansion blocks inhabited by the super wealthy, and, to make these eyesores more palatable they were ‘done up’ at a cost of millions of pounds to make the views more modern, whilst the residents inside suffered with faulty wiring, broken lifts, no fire alarms and no sprinklers.

10 million fucking pounds on a nice a looking fire threat. I have no words to describe how disgusting this is, so I won’t event attempt to.
Especially when you take into consideration the multiple warnings from recent disasters around the world where similar technologies have been used.

The residents repeatedly raised their fire safery concerns about lack of proper escapes, alarms and sprinklers, which were clearly ignored by the council and the managing agents. I bet that none of the residents of the surrounding multi million pound apartments had such issues.

Today has clearly illustrated the massive divide between the super wealthy and the super poor in this country. Just one credit card owned by someone living in an adjacent apartment probably could have fire proofed this whole estate.

Greed has done this. Cuts have done this, and the determined and successful persecution of the poorest in our society, by a government hell bent on austerity and misery, directly resulted in those poor ‘little people’ being ignored and written off as a mere annoyance.

I’m not proud to be British today. In fact I’m fucking embarrassed.