Tommy Robinson slams Islam as a violent religion before knocking 7 shades of shit out of someone

The far right pint sized cunt, was seen ‘defending himself’ at Royal Ascot earlier, by knocking someone to the ground and punching him repeatedly six times in the face.

Robinson, aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, aka Andrew McMaster, aka Paul Harris, aka tiny featured, miniature racist and shit Keith Lemon impersonator, is famous for bigotry, mortgage fraud and out twatting Piers Morgan.

The little prick often relishes in telling people that he’s read the Qu’ran, when in reality he’d probably fucking struggle to spell EDL, an organisation which he headed up from 2009 to to 2013.

The English Defense League promises to ‘pretect Ingland from the Muslamics’ by walking around towns pissed up, carrying flags and chanting racism like a smashed grandad after too much whiskey at a family Christmas party.

Like in the film Twins, Tommy ‘ten names’ Robinsom is the shit left overs. He’s Danny Devito to Paul Golding’s fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We only know about this shit Napoleon because the media insists on giving the cunt a platform, like an over zealous, politically minded host at a dwarf convention.

It’s like when Nigel Farage was given 24 hour coverage by the BBC for five years, even though the tweed clad, frog faced, string free Thunderbird puppet didn’t even a hold a fucking seat. Where did that get us eh? Fucking Brexit that’s where.

My advice is to just ignore the microscropic poison filled irrelevance like that worrying lump under your arm pit. After all he’ll probably eventually  dissappear like shell suits or fucking UKIP.


Malcolm Tucker: