Hmmm what to watch tonight?

Shall I watch Benefits Street or Benefits Britain? Benefits by the fucking Sea or 56 Kids and cunting Counting, about a slag with a flange like the fucking Euro Tunnel?

Or maybe I should watch Life on the Dole or Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away? Yeah I think I’ll watch that last one, that’s my favourite. Isn’t it nice how that old cunt with the wig patronises people for 10 minutes before ruining their lives and making them homeless in a really comforting way?

It’s fucking beautiful isn’t it? If I really wanted to look at a load of scrounging jobless scum I’d open my blinds and peer out of my fucking window, or even easier than that, look into my wife’s cold dead eyes.

It might be bit cynical of me, just a tad, but if I didn’t know any better I’d say that the TV stations and news papers had an agenda, like holding a spotlight to a tiny percentage of the jobless that take the fucking piss in order to make us all really fucking despise everyone on state ‘benefits’.

It fucking works though doesn’t it? I once caught ten minutes of Benefits Street when the batteries in my remote died.

I spent the next four hours driving around council estates and smashing the windows of anyone cheeky enough to own a fucking plasma TV.

I know better though. That’s Nazi propaganda shit right there isn’t it? It just wouldn’t happen in the UK in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Hmmm what to watch tonight?”

  1. Can’t wait for ‘You’ve not paid any tax, we’ ll give you a tar and feathering,’. Now that would make good telly! Who would you like to see getting done first? Rothermere for me.

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