Figit spinners are just another passing craze like Pogs, UKIP or Tamagochis

People get carried away with it all don’t they? Remember that poor fucking woman who toiled for about 6 months making a fucking loom band dress?

It was in all the shite rags wasn’t it? Daily Fail: ‘Loom Band Dress sells for £2.5 million on eBay!’

There was a little picture of the woman’s daughter modelling it with an interview piece to go along side it.

“First I’m going to pay all my bills and then buy a private jet.” No you’re not love. No one in their right mind is going to give you millions of pounds for a fucking wearable fire hazard.

After the alleged sale you hear nothing about it for three weeks, until you glance the same woman on page 26 of The Sun, crying into a pile of a million ripped up loom bands. Devastated that the mystery buyer was taking more piss than Trump in a Russian brothel.

That’s an extreme case of fucking idiocy though, but these distractions are needed now more than ever I’d say.

Anything to get your fucking obese type 2 diabetes ridden cherubs to put down their fucking smart phones for 30 seconds.

Maybe not figit spinners though eh? The last thing they need are stronger thumbs.

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