Another nutter kills people, probably ‘representing’ a religion, even though…

Another nutter kills people, probably ‘representing’ a religion, even though his actions will be denounced by billions of its followers. I say probably because we know little yet and I’m making an educated guess. OK, I’m jumping to conclusions.
Righteous people who know better can stop reading now and unlike the page, it will save you whinging in the comments.
IF this is what a lot of us are suspecting, it will fuel the fire of the right wing press, fuck it, it’s just the press these days. Certain gobby columnists, political leaders and Donald Trump will have a field day. This shit will burn into your retinas for a week. The hate will rise, the fear will spread, civil liberties will taken from you and ultimately your rights and you’ll be happy because you’re safe. Wars will be fought, innocents will be bombed and terrorists will recruit thousands as a result. The circle of hate will continue revolving.

Your government will be happy.

Religious extremists will be happy.

And you? Well you’ll just get a more right wing leader, become more fearful and have less freedom.

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