There was a fantastic 3 part BBC documentary about the…

There was a fantastic 3 part BBC documentary about the inner workings of the Houses of Parliament a couple of years ago. It made my blood boil to see up close a bunch of clueless cunts filibustering their way through ‘debates’ that affect us all in a building that’s falling apart. Grabbing hold of ancient ermine clad traditions and wasting full afternoons voting by physically walking around the chamber like headless pricks. They’re all carrying iPads for fuck sake. I think that was the final nail in my political coffin, the day I finally lost hope. There’s a new one about the house of Lords which aired tonight, another 3 parter. I’ve watched episode 1 and I honestly don’t know how my TV is in one piece.

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  1. I genuinely like the idea of the House of Lords. The majority are so far removed from society that they’re approaching it from the other side, where the idea of debate is neither about towing the Party line nor making deals to line their own pockets; but about how laws affect the common man, the communities and whether government has a constitutional right to do what it wants to do. Remember, Murdoch could have an election called and Maggie May institutionalised within a week, but the Lords? Nope. They can and do tell him to fuck off to Fuckoffityland. Sex scandals? Even the dead paedophile ones are bullet proof.

  2. Just watched our recording, up to £300.00 per day each person can claim for expenditure. Some people are lucky if they earn that much working full time per week. But of course all this will change after Britain has left the E.U……my arse!

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