I’m not a bleeding heart lefty liberal snowflake buttercup. I…

I’m not a bleeding heart lefty liberal snowflake buttercup. I don’t need a ‘safe space’ and I don’t get outraged by everything I fucking read. I’m not a vegan and I don’t believe there’s 568 genders. I don’t think people with different views should be banned from debating at universities. If the left want to be taken seriously then WE need to sort all of this shit out.
I am however a human being. I’m nothing special and neither is any other cunt. We’re all the same, a virus on earth destroying everything we touch. We’re literally scum but all scum together, there’s no hierarchical system for scum.
I can’t stand the world we are living in right now. I can’t read an article these days without becoming incensed, no, livid. Not faux outraged like some fat bastard whose spunked accross a tabloid front page because he’s “offended” at being asked if he wanted a fucking grande coffee in Starbucks.
Im talking seriously fucked off, real 100% bonfide outraged.
I’m insulted that people think Donald Trump is an alright guy because they haven’t got a basic grasp of history or can’t be arsed watching the news and learning about the fucking world around them.
I’m annoyed that you can’t punch a racist cunt of a Nazi and that instead you’re expected to engage these backwards knuckle dragging spunk buckets in debate instead.
How can you engage with someone who thinks they’re better than someone else based on ethnicity or beliefs in 2017? How can you argue with stupid cunts who call lies post truths and alternative facts?
I’m all for hearing people out and arguing the points I believe in but if you’re a Trump supporter I’m fucking done with you.
I’ve listened to idiots tell me that when he’s President “he’ll have no real power and everything will have to go through Congress”. Bollocks, he’s already fucked off the natives and divided the country. I’ve also listened to the “give him a chance” advice. Well I have done and I’ve seen enough. That tiny handed orange piss guzzling bastard has decreed that he wants to ban Muslims from 7 countries which haven’t caused the US any problems. Countries which he has business dealings with. His ridiculous plans have been thwarted by the law of the land yet he still presses on like a petulant child dictator. People who live and work in the US with families, with children, who are entitled to be there, with residency and Green cards yet he doesn’t want them back because of where they happened to be born.
This is is the kind of thing the Nazis were doing in the beginning and I won’t stay silent. Wake the fuck up, get outraged and speak up. This isn’t fucking right and you know it. Your grandparents would have obliterated the fuck out of this shit.
#MuslimBan #Trump

There was a fantastic 3 part BBC documentary about the…

There was a fantastic 3 part BBC documentary about the inner workings of the Houses of Parliament a couple of years ago. It made my blood boil to see up close a bunch of clueless cunts filibustering their way through ‘debates’ that affect us all in a building that’s falling apart. Grabbing hold of ancient ermine clad traditions and wasting full afternoons voting by physically walking around the chamber like headless pricks. They’re all carrying iPads for fuck sake. I think that was the final nail in my political coffin, the day I finally lost hope. There’s a new one about the house of Lords which aired tonight, another 3 parter. I’ve watched episode 1 and I honestly don’t know how my TV is in one piece.

What’s in the box? Is lady luck on your side?…

What’s in the box? Is lady luck on your side? What’s your strategy? There is no fucking strategy Noel, it’s all fucking chance pal. Are you allowed in casinos you annoying scrotum faced fuck? Creeping up behind people at the roulette table, whispering “have you brought your lucky mascot and asked the Lord of nature for number 28?”. You’d get sparked out by the guy who’s just lost his house, you fucking curtain clad satyr. You look like an adopted fourth Bee Gee, you wrinkly arsed twat. How are you doing these days anyway without your long drawn out chats with the fictitious banker or Mr. Blobby? You don’t have any actual friends do you Noel? You fucking bearded chance denying luck lobbier, you floral shirted cunt mannequin. Are you sad since you released the last of the Deal or No Deal cult members from your dungeon to go back to their jobs and families, to readjust to society with crushed dreams and 50p in their pockets? You asked the universe for that show didn’t you Noel? Next time ask for a decent one you fucking tiny deranged misery wizard.